Aerial view of water treatment plant

CH2M’s 40-year collaboration with the Upper Occoquan Service Authority in Virginia, USA, established a global benchmark in water reuse. Because of CH2M’s partnership with leading water agencies and our leadership in potable reuse technology and public acceptance, we earned one of the highest honors in the water industry, the Stockholm Industry Water Award.

We see sustainability as an expression of good corporate citizenship, which is a business approach that supports positively affecting the environment, society, and the economy. We solve the world’s complex problems in water, energy, environment, and development by promoting economic growth and social inclusion through service to our clients and each other.

Worker Welfare

Improving Worker Welfare Around the World

We're partnering with industry, governments, and nongovernmental organizations to act as a catalyst for change.

Preserving the Environment

Grassroots Sustainability Program Goes Viral

Nature lovers and bird watchers do not usually flock to wastewater treatment plants, but they do in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Engaging Our Communities

Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure in Rwanda

Our partnership with Bridges to Prosperity gives employees a chance to volunteer their skills while changing the way of life for hundreds of people.